New Poems

Two new poems, "Refrain" and "Winter Solstice" in the Alice Oswald issue of "Interim: A Journal of Poetry & Poetics" guest edited by Regan Good.





Robins guide soft-beaked fledglings to my yard, teach them 

the birdbath, to cleanse—first delight of wings splashing water 

in the specious present—that must have been summer.


Today, there’s frost; weedy grass glazed white; I tip a plate of ice

out of the birdbath, shattering it on the grass—I remember you said 

“cornices” & named the tiny herbs orphaned in sidewalk crevices—


in this anomalous present was that today or some previous 

today?—Time’s dislocated, strangely lugubrious & chaotic—

oppressive. We’re unable to move forward in our usual way 


or conceive of time as an arrow speeding day-to-day or

accumulating & compounding value in an orderly fashion—

Wailing sirens increase, everyone in a bubble under threat of illness


tyranny & death—Today, wind hurls pine needles, pinecones—

two Does & two Yearlings lie in dew wet grass, nibbling, chewing

their cud as last year—one Doe licks her Fawn like a Cat.  

"Timeless" first appeared in "Love & The Pandemic," published by the Moonstone Press, 2021

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