Updated 2/14/21
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An archived edition of a concert by Duo Cortona at the University of Missouri School of Music that features several compositions  by John Liberatore with lyrics drawn from my poems in Tricksterpublished by the University of Iowa Press (Kuhl House Poets) 2014. John Liberatore's  entire composition is titled "Songs of Bright Orange Notes," and is the second piece in the concert beginning at 8:54.



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“I admire the clarity, the urgency, the invention, the intelligence, and the commitment of Randall Potts’s new book of poems. A terrific book.”

Gerald Stern 


“Potts writes poems charged with an intense and loving empathy with the living and non-living things of the Earth and the spirit that animates them. His poems are grounded in images and borne aloft by the song of ancient and modern traditions. They are touched by the spirit that moves through the work of Merwin, Trakl, and Tarkovsky, a spirit that endows things with the luminous effects of golden sunlight scattered through leaves, illuminating darkness with hope.”

Geoffrey Nutter

"Fresh, accessible, immediate."

Library Journal

Kasey Jueds and Ethel Rackin's review of Trickster titled “The Lives That Include Us” published in Jacket2 

Cover art by Esther Traugot.

© 2014 by Randall Potts.